Wednesday, January 21, 2009

T minus 6 days and counting!

Well, most of my room is packed away into a tiny storage locker in Berkeley and I am done with all of my business visa stuff - I am ready to go to India!

The visa process was fairly simple - an online application for all of the important info, a letter from my work that I am indeed going on their behalf and a letter from the water department that I am indeed living at my current address. After that, a fairly short line at the Visa outsourcing office and a follow-up visit the next day to pick up my new visa. No issues!

The room situation got resolved fairly simply as well - packed up all my "going to India" stuff into my huge suitcase and the rest into storage - including my beautiful bikes. I will miss them when I am abroad.

So, now, all that's left is to do another cataloging of India clothing/equipment to make sure I am not going to be lacking anything, and then off to NY on Thursday night!

It's been fairly easy getting things done for this trip. With a ticket in hand, I've not had much problems motivating myself to clean, pack or anything else of that manner. Poppy's ticket is also already purchased - and she'll be joining me mid-February.

Is there anything else I should write about?

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